Wire Ropes Basics
  Working Load Limits (WLL) for Wire Rope Slings  Applicable For:  • Steel cored wire rope, classes 6 x 19 & 6 x 36  • Ferrule secured eye terminations  • 1770 n/mm2, Grade 180 kg/mm2 rope

NOTE 1 - The working load limits (WLLs) in the above table are based on the assumption that soft eyes of single-leg slings are used over bearing points having diameters no less than twice the nominal diameter of the rope.

NOTE 2 - Table above shows working load limit values for ferrule-secured eye slings in various configurations. These values are based on the equation given in 5.2.4, 5.3.4 and 5.4.4 (EN 13414 - 1, 2003) and have been rounded for user convenience.

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